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lawLaw is a serious aspect of people’s everyday life, it maintains order in the society and without it there will probably be chaos. Laws are made to control people’s behavior and punish their crimes. Every aspect of everyday is governed by law nowadays, family life, buying real estates, employment, wearing your helmet while riding a bike and even going for shopping is a part of life regulated by law. Now that we know the purpose and the amount of law’s involvement in everyday life, here are some fun fact about some countries government laws that exaggerated in their job of regulating human relationships. If you need help for every aspects of law contact  Criminal attorney san diego.

In Michigan, USA adultery is a felony for which you can get punished by maximum four years in prison and 5000$ fine. Even though the law considers this to be felony and the punishment should be conducted, that is not the case, cheaters often get away with it. As people say Michigan doesn’t take the law seriously.

Minnesota is a state which is as it seems too concerned with animal cruelty. Games in which the goal is for participants to catch oiled pig are not allowed. The same law that prohibits turkey scrambles.


Missouri as well as Minnesota seems to be overly concerned with animal crueltybusiness laws. If a bull or a ram flees and becomes rampant, every person has the right to castrate it and he or she won’t be responsible for the damage. If the person castrates it, three town residents must attest that the animal was loose. Montana as well as Missouri and Minnesota takes care of animals, for bringing a sheep onto the railway with intent to cause damage to the train, you can be fined up to 50 000$ or stay at a state’s prison up to five years, of course train must be damaged.
In Nebraska, venereal diseases are an obstacle if you want to get married. More than eight thousand Nebraskan people can get married due to their not so serious and curable diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. This health code is as they say unnecessary but law is the law.

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