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Old silly laws

Old silly laws

By on Jan 22, 2016 in Law |

Although we live in the 21st century in some countries there are still laws that date back to ancient times, to which they were presumably forgotten politicians. There is no logical explanation for their existence, and although most of them do not apply they have not been erased from the statute books. They are mostly bizarre and comical, but if you go to court for violation of any of them, the smile off your face will disappear quickly, because there are fines foreseen by the high cash up to several years in prison. Most such laws have in America and England.stupid_laws_xlarge

If you decide to visit the Parliament building in the UK, you mustn’t have intention of dying there, because it is strictly forbidden. This provision is justified by the fact that the parliament building royal palaces and anyone who dies in it is entitled to a funeral at public expense and with state honors. To avoid such cost, if anyone feels sick in the building, they will provide him to be immediately outside. If you wanna know more about this subject can ask please  continue reading here.

If you want to send a postcard from your vacation, make sure you stick to good mark because if it showed the character of someone from the royal family, and you do it upside down, stick, it will be considered as treason and of course, followed by a penalty. However, British law is not as strict, and it allows some things. Pregnant women can do urinate anywhere, even in public.

Some of the laws in America are no less strange. If the Florida bind an elephant for an hour parking, parking ticket for your pet you have to pay as well as for the car. If you are in Atlanta, a similar thing to do with a giraffe, follow your punishment, because the binding of these animals is strictly prohibited.gavel scale book

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